Who We Are

Paula Carr is a committed and innovative business owner with 10+ years in management. With her coaching business owners have boosted production 2.5 times the rate of the industry. She takes direct action by leveraging tools, models and systems to stimulate growth and production. With a background in design, architecture, finance and business management Paula will guide you through the process of building your Real Estate Business.


Tiffany Stiles has a passion for people and real estate, evidenced by her involvement in practicing, teaching, investing in, writing books about and now coaching others in developing their own real estate business. Her engineering background allows her to use technical information, systems and problem solving skills to maximize profitability, with minimized effort, working smarter, not harder. Tiffany believes that there is no greater investment, than investing in people to help make their dreams a reality. She is thrilled to be able to utilize her broad and successful experience in real estate to develop others, and expects to see great success in her coaching clients.