▶The Locker Room is a community of servant driven real estate coaches collaborating together to create a world-class platform of resources, systems, and tools that helps serve our clients so they are empowered to reach their fullest potential.

▶The Locker Room is a symbolic representation of a safe environment where relationships are formed, plans of action are created, strategies are shared, and where we focus on the fundamentals that we know wins championships.

▶The Locker Room currently represents over 100 real estate coaches and over 2,000 real estate agents.

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What is Coaching?

Put simply, coaching is a process (not an event) that aims to improve performance and focuses on accountability to assist you in getting what you want, when you want it.

What Coaching is NOT . . .

It’s NOT Training

It’s NOT your Employing Broker

It’s NOT Counseling

It’s NOT the Magic Pill

Locker Room Stats . . .

•Agents that are engaged in the program, EARN 197% MORE COMMISSION than agents that aren’t engaged in the program.  

•Agents are in production within their first 30-40 days on average

•Currently in 80+ real estate offices for you to network/mastermind with fellow Locker Room coaching clients.